Role of heading tags in SEO

On page SEO is very important for a blog or website to rank higher in search results. If your website or blog doesn't follow On-Page SEO rules then applying Off-Page SEO tips is such a waste of time. Heading tags have an important role in On-Page SEO. H1 reflects the boldest part while h6 is the smallest one. Let's learn how we can use heading tags to improve On-Page SEO.

Wrap logo with H1 (Heading 1)

Wrapping logo with H1 tag is one of the best practices to improve your website's On-Page SEO. Avoid using multiple H1 tags in same page.

Wrap key features or keywords in H2 (Heading 2)

You can wrap keywords or key features of your content or website with H2 tags. You can use multiple H2 tags in a page but avoid using 5+ H2 tags in same page. Ideal uses for H2 tag is 1 to 5.

Always try to write for humans first, then for search engines.

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