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Friday, April 13, 2018

SEO Tips: How to choose a SEO-Friendly domain name?

If you’re a blogger and write quality content for your blog but not getting much traffic as you expect, may be your domain name is not SEO-Friendly. Here’s I’m going to discuss how you can pick SEO-Friendly domain name for your website or blog. So, let’s get started…

Set a focus keyword.

Setting a focus keyword is very important. Think about what you’re going to post on your blog. If you’re going to blog about hair style then your keyword should be ‘Hair Style’. Try to keep your keyword in universal language like English (U.S.).

Place your focus keyword in your domain name.

Always try to place your keyword in your domain name like – if your keyword is ‘Hair Style’ then you should choose your blog domain name like ‘’ or ‘’.

Never use hyphen or underscore in domain name.

Don’t use ‘-’ or ‘_’ in your domain name like – ‘’ or ‘’.

Keep domain name short and memorable.

Always try to keep your domain name short and memorable like – ‘’


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