SEO Tips: How to write SEO-Friendly content / blog post?

If you’re a blogger and write quality content but still your post is not listing in top search results on google or any other search engines, it means you’re not writing the SEO-Friendly content or blog post. If you still don’t know that how to pick SEO-Friendly domain name for your website or blog, go to How to choose a SEO-Friendly domain name?. In this post we’ll discuss how to write a SEO-Friendly content / blog post. So, let’s get started…

Set a focus keyword

First of all set a focus keyword related to your topic like i’ve been decided “SEO-Friendly” is my keyword for this post. You can use keyword analysis tools for research and planning before setting your focus keyword.

Place your keyword in your post Title and URL

Place your focus keyword in your post title and post URL like i did in this post for “SEO-Friendly” keyword. Always try to keep your keyword closer to first letter in the Title, like i did by using “SEO Tips:”

Place headings correctly

Always try to place headings in your post and try to keep your focus keywords in headings.

Internal Linking

Try to link another post or page of your blog to build strong internal linking of your page like i did at the starting of this post.

Optimize Meta Description

Optimize the meta description of your blog by placing the best and descriptive part of your post having the focus keyword. Remember, length of meta description should not be more than 240 words long.
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