5 Essential Features Every Small Business Website Must Have

5 Essential Features Every Small Business Website Must Have

If you're planning to launch a website for your small business, then you should know 5 essential features your business website must have. Let's discuss..

SEO-Friendly domain name

Your domain name should represent your business name. Keep this memorable and easy to spell. Don't use symbols and hyphens while booking a domain name for your business. Get detailed information by following this link: https://www.akashmaurya.org.in/2018/04/seo-tips-how-to-choose-seo-friendly.html

Responsive Website Design

visitors will be looking at your website on their desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets. It is very important that your website should be responsive. A responsive website adjusts content according to device width. The most important thing, however, is to make sure that your site is mobile-optimized / mobile-friendly because Search engine giant Google is now giving preference in ranking to these kinds of websites.

Testimonials and Reviews Section

Customer testimonials and reviews add impressive content to your site, and that helps your website to look more valuable and more believable to those who are exploring it for the first time. Positive customer testimonials and reviews help to establish your credibility and reliability as a business.

Contact Information

It is very important to place your location (with a map), phone number, email address, and/or contact form on your business website. This helps visitors to contact you easily.

Live Chat Plugin

A conversion friendly website must have a live chat plugin. This provides visitors to instant access to your support staff and sales team. Your team has many more opportunities to turn these visitors into clients or customers.

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