Reasons behind the startup failures in India

5 Reasons behind the startup failures in India

We know very well that a large number of startups are being failed in India. But, we don't know the exact reason behind this. I read some articles and did some research on this topic. Finally, I pointed out some reasons behind failure of startups.

Lack of confidence & consistency

One of the biggest reasons behind the failure is a lack of confidence and consistency. In the comparison of others, Indian startup owners are less confident and consistent. They usually change their plan before executing. They don't organize and follow tasks & rules to achieve their goals.

Lack of Innovation

A successful business must-have innovation. unfortunately, Indian startups are less innovative in the comparison of European and American countries. The innovative business model is the key to successful business.

Bad Planning

As a developer and digital marketing expert, I daily face this situation. Indian startup owners are bad at planning. They always insist to build their website or application in a short amount of time. While this phase needs a large time span. After the website or application launch, they do nothing for months. They start without a plan that's why they fail.

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